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An extra on the upcoming video shoot left at hospitality area

The video crew was adamant this unknown gringo had strayed into the unattended kitchen and helped himself to a number of things on offer.

An attempt was made to revive the stray – but by 3pm it became apparent he had consumed enough to warrant hospitalisation. A call made to medical staff resulted in a 15 minute questionnaire about the origins of this person and announcement of a significant delay for parties engaged in substance abuse. Assumptions were made that this episode was related to a mushroom festival being held 3 hillsides away in an idyllic riverside property rich in Gaswerrie Mushrooms commonly consumed by the unemployed in the area.

Task Force “NO JOB” locates 3 infidels on laze-about

A new government initiative designed to spot people without JOBS and report their goings-on – swooped upon 3 “LIKE-LYS” simply leaning against a dry bar shamelessly watching and cavorting about WORKERS building a high-rise across the road – new photos established in Brisbane, Australia today. A spokesman for the initiative was giving this program every chance of stripping “benefits” from what was becoming an endemic social malaise. The 3 were interviewed by authorities but would say nothing except “we got here just in time to grab the last 4xxx bitter and JD before the bar ran-out”.[/wr_vc_actor][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_type=”main-section” wr_section_height=”600px” wr_background_img=”90″ wr_background_position=”50% 50%” wr_background_parallax=”fixed”][vc_column][wr_vc_section_text link_text1=”ORDER TICKETS” link_url1=”#” link_url11=”‘release-dates'” float=”center”]

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